by Dr. P. Sivaprakash (Author),Sebastian Joseph (Author)

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Dr. P. Sivaprakash

Dr. P. SIVAPRAKASH is presently working as an Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, A.S.L.Pauls College of Engineering and Technology. He received his bachelor�s degree in Mechanical Engineering with first class in the year 2006 and master�s degree in Manufacturing Engineering with first class in 2008 both from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore. He completed his Ph.D. in faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Anna University in the year 2012. He got appreciation from Regional Labour Institute, Chennai, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India for his doctoral research work. He devoted himself towards teaching and research, building and grooming young engineers to face the challenges of the modern world in order to get updated with the latest trends in the field of Mechanical Engineering and allied issues, he has actively associated himself with Indian society for technical education, International association of engineers, Indian society of ergonomics, Indian institution of production engineers, Indian institution of industrial engineers, Indian welding society, National safety council, Safety Engineers Association, SAE southern region and Coimbatore productivity council and many other professional bodies. He has had excellent opportunity to carry out research in a variety of areas in industrial safety. With his rich academic, teaching and research experience his Biography has been incorporated in �Who�s Who in the World�, special 29th Edition published in the year 2012, by Marquis Who�s who in the world, New Jersey, USA. & his name had also been included in �2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, 2012� by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. His teaching and research interests are in Industrial Safety, Risk Management, Ergonomics/Human Factors Engineering, Behavioral Based Safety and Industrial Engineering. He has to his credit some publications in the aforementioned areas. He is a recognized editor and reviewer for nearly forty International refereed Journals. He has won many awards for his excellence in teaching and research Work including Shiksha Rattan Puraskar Award for outstanding achievement in education, Education Excellence Gold Medal Award for Institution & Industry Interaction, Rastriya Vidya Gaurav Award for outstanding achievement in Industrial Safety Education, Rashtriya Vidya Saraswathi Puraskar Award for outstanding achievement in Engineering Education, and National Gold Star Award for outstanding achievement in Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Education. He has visited Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He has considerable interest in tennis and yoga practice. Simplicity and integrity are the hall marks of his success. He is easily approachable and highly creative. He inspires confidence and trust among his peers and treats every individual with due respect.

Sebastian Joseph

Sebastian Joseph working as an Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Vijnan Institute of Science & Technology, (VISAT), Elanji , Ernakulam District, Kerala State.He is pursuing research in Industrial Safety Engineering from Karpagam University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He did B.Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, M.Tech. in Industrial Engineering & Management from Govt. Engineering College Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam , affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, Kerala.

Production management alternatively referred to as manufacturing management, is required for transforming raw materials and partly, fabricated materials into finished products. Production management does not imply management of productive process alone, but it covers all there activities which go into the making of production. To make production a concrete reality, one, must pay heed to the factors of production like land, labour, capital and organization, or to speak in the language of business, materials, men, money, machines and methods. Production management thus calls for the work of planning and control pertaining to each of these factors of production. Production management does not involve a mechanical assemblage of relevant factors. In contrast to mere transformation of raw materials into finished products, it aims at transmuting and permuting resources of higher productivity so that the greatest outputs are obtained from the least inputs. With its end in views, production management embraces the productive process too and involves planning, directing and controlling operations till their successful completion. Quality, quantity, cost and time of production has an important beå on productivity of the manufacturing enterprise. Accordingly, it is the task of production management to see that effective utilization of resources is made, time is shortened, wastes and scrapings are avoided, and harmonious working is made to prevail in the plant.


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