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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sara Book Publication?

Sara Book Publication is one of the Indian fastest growing publishing agency established in 2011 with an aim to give liberty to all the talented writers and poets with a chance to get themselves published at very affordable price. We are recognized as high quality book publishers who offer something for all age groups. We publish books on a wide range of category such as Text books, Engineering, Management, Fiction, Finance, Medical, World Politics, Sports, Business, Philosophy, Biography, Religion, Novels, Poetry and many other prolific writings in English Gujarati and Hindi. We evaluate all the received manuscripts for its enthusiasm all over the world. We inform the author about the manuscript if it is selected or if any improvisation is possible. A 13 digits ISBN is assigned to each edition and reprints.

How much time will I get my ISBN number?

Sara Book Publication will provide your ISBN number within 3 working days,after once you pay the publication fees.

How much time will I get to publish my book?

We will publish your book in 15 working days only.

What does is cost?

Indian Authors:
SBP charges humble amount of Rs.12000/- for 100 designed pages (approx 150 pages as per word document in 1.5 spacing), for additional pages Rs.50/- shall be charged for every additional page designed. This charge includes costs like cover page design, layout work, design of book in CDR/indesign format, along with cost of ISBN Number with 5 Complementary Colour Books.

For International Authors (Authors outside India):
The fees shall be 300 USDs for 100 Designed Pages(approx 150 pages as per word document in 1.5 spacing), for Additional 50 pages designed, fees of 50 USDs shall be charged. This charge inclusive of costs like cover page design, layout work, design of book in CDR/in design format, along with cost of ISBN Number with 5 Complementary Colour Books.

How do I send the proposal?

Please send your proposal as a soft copy, preferably as a MS Word document, send via email or upload via our website

To Whom do I send the proposal?

Send your proposal to: Dr.S. Menon

You can send your mail on or upload on our website:

Which file type does my book need to be saved as?

Your book must be in word file, format either .doc or .docx file.Your book must be contained in only 1 file.The file must include the entire book (cover and about author(s) not included).

Should I protect my .doc file with a password?

Your book ( .doc) may not be protected with a password.
How do I remove a password from my .doc?
See help Microsoft Office Word:

Do I have to use embedded images?

Yes, the images in your .doc manuscript must be inserted as embedded images. This means that the source of the image is saved in the document. The images may not be inserted as linked images.(Inserting linked images means that the destination file (.doc) only saves a link to the image. The source of the image, however, is saved outside the .doc. When the .doc file is opened, the images are shown through a link.) Nevertheless, Microsoft Word inserts images by default as embedded images. Therefore, if you have inserted the image through the menu “Insert image” in your .doc, this condition is fulfilled.
See help Microsoft Office Word: -us/word/HP051898661033.aspx
help Microsoft Office Word:

What if I do not have my own cover file?

We will design cover page for your book , as well you can also suggest us coverpage design or images.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of pages?

There are no any kind of limit on number of pages, but surely, it can effect your book pricing.

Where should I place my page numbers?

We recommend that writers align page numbers in the center of each page and not to show page numbers on the first page.

In which language we publish books?

We publish books in English, Gujarati & Hindi Language only.

In Which format and style we have to write book/manuscript?

All Book/Monograph must be typed in A4 size (font size 12) in 1.5 space in Double/single column with at least a one inch margin on all sides. Authors should submit a single word file that contains the following the entire book with cover page, references, Annexure etc.

Cover Page:
Book/Monograph should have a cover page providing the
* Title of the Book
* Author name(s) & Designation(s)

Brief Profile of the Author(s):
Please provide profile of the author(s) in a separate word file of around 10 to 15 lines along with recent passport size photograph(s).

References should be cited in the style prescribed in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Guidelines).
Please visit URL:

Figures & Tables:
Each figure/table should be numbered, titled. The position of figure or table should be indicated in the text on a separate line with the words “Table 1 about here?