PPS Programming for

PPS Programming for Problem Solving

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by A. Deepa

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A. Deepa Nagarajan

A Deepa received the Bachelor of Engineering from Manonmanium Sundaranar
University, Tirunelveli, TN, India in the year 2004. Belonging to a humble family from
the lovely little town of Kanyakumari also called cape comorin, She was a bright child
from her school days, with excellent academic record of distinction plus score
throughout, her thirst to knowledge never ran out. She completed her Master in
Engineering Prist University, Thanjavur, TN, India and currently pursuing her research
in the field of Digital Image Processing. Many national and international journals are
published by the author so far. Author has a teaching experience of nearly 10 years and
has various posts in colleges affiliated to the coveted Anna University, Chennai. She
received many awards and honors for her contribution in the field of Computer Science
Engineering. After relocating to Chandigarh-The City Beautiful. Author joined the
prestigious CGC, Landran, affiliated to Punjab Technical University. Impressed by the
results and acceptance of her subject notes, author decided to publish it as a book.

A computer is a very powerful and versatile machine capable of performing a
multitude of different tasks, yet it has no intelligence or thinking power. The
intelligence Quotient (I.Q) of a computer is zero. A computer performs the task in
the same manner it is performed.. In order to instruct a computer properly, the
user must have clear understanding of the problem to be solved. When the
problem is well-defined and a method of solving it is developed, instructing the
computer to solve the problem becomes easy Thus, before attempting to write a
computer program ,it is necessary to formulate or define the problem in a precise
manner. Once the problem is defined, the steps required to solve it, must be stated
clearly in the required order.