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by Dr.P.F.Steffi Bipin,Dr. M. Srinivasan

ISBN Number : 978 – 93 – 88672 – 20 – 7

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Dr.P.F.Steffi Bipin

Assistant Professor, Cauvery college for women (Autonomous),
Annamalai nagar,Trichy-620018, Tamil Nadu, India.

Dr. M. Srinivasan

Centre for Research and Development, West campus, PRIST
University, Thanjavur – 613403, Tamil Nadu, India.

The entire world is always looking for an effective, relatively safe and cost effective
medicine. Millions of researchers have dedicated their life and their knowledge
to achieve these goals. Investors are also very keen in this contest because of
its predicted business potential. In this row, some of the following diseases are
coming into the picture where there is more attention given by the health care community
in this era.