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by Rameshwar Singh Manhas,Angli Manhas

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Dr. Rameshwar Singh Manhas

Dr. Rameshwar Singh Manhas, MBBS, MD Psychiatry, is
presently working as senior resident in the department of
Psychiatry, Government Medical College and associated hospital,
Jammu, J&K. He had completed his postgraduation in Psychiatry
in year 2014 from Government Medical College and associated
hospital, Srinagar, J&K. He is a hard working person who is
continuously working hard in different fields of medical science.
His dedication towards his work is commendable which sets him
apart from others. He is a well rounded individual who lives with grace, dedication and

Dr. Angli Manhas

Dr. Angli Manhas, MBBS, MS Ophthalmology, is presently
working as senior resident in the department of ophthalmology,
Government Medical College and associated hospital Jammu,
J&K. She had completed her postgraduation in ophthalmology in
year 2016 from government medical college and associated
hospital Jammu, J&K. She is a great thinker and active researcher
with research papers in various national and international
journals. She also presented paper in various conferences. In this
book both of us had tried our best to cover psychotic disorders. Her contribution to the society
is remarkable.

In the modern times one of the common mental disorder prevalent in general
population is depression and is characterized by presence of disturbed sleep, loss
of interest or pleasure, feeling of guilt, depressed mood, decreased appetite, poor
concentration, lower levels of energy and lower self worth. These symptoms of
depression are recurrent and can become chronic which causes substantial
impairments and affects individual’s ability to take care of responsibilities in his
or her daily life. One of the worst complication of depression is suicide which is a
tragic fatality and every year is associated with a loss of about 850 000 lives. As
measured by YLDs one of the leading cause of disability worldwide is depression
and in the year 2000, among the contributors to the global burden of disease
(DALYs) it ranked 4th. It is projected to reach 2nd place of the ranking of DALYs
calculated for all ages, both sexes by the year 2020.