HLLM Model

HLLM Model: Restoring degraded rangelands in arid and semi-arid ecosystems

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by  Mugweni Osmond & Mugweni Rose

ISBN Number : 978-93-886720-1-6

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Mugweni Osmond & Mugweni Rose

Founder and Executive Director & Founder and Operations Director
Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute

NBI is mandated to facilitate implementation of Holistic Land and Livestock
Management (HLLM) through Sustainable Time Controlled Grazing in
Arid and Semi-arid Rangeland Ecosystems. HLLM is designed for
Smallholder Rural Communities, in Zimbabwe, SADC Region, Africa and
globally. HLLM aims to manage the livelihoods and resources of
communities holistically in order to improve lives for current and future