Fundamentals Of Crop Physiology

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by Dr. Kaliayaperumal Ashokkumar, ISBN Number : 978-81-937870-6-9

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Dr. Kaliayaperumal Ashokkumar

Dr. Kaliayaperumal Ashokkumar is presently working as Assistant
Professor (Contract) in Plant Breeding and Genetics from Kerala
Agricultural University, Cardamom Research Station, Pampadumpara,
Idukki, Kerala, India. He was worked as Assistant Professor in Plant
Breeding & Biotechnology, (September 2016- April 2018) from School
of Agriculture, PRIST Deemed University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu,
India. He handled 16CRP 101, 17CRP 101,16PBG101, 17PBG101,
16SST201, & 16PBG201 courses from PRIST Deemed University. He
completed his graduation from Agricultural College and Research
Institute, Killikulam, Tamil Nadu and his post-graduation and doctoral studies was Plant
Breeding and Plant biotechnology, respectively from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. He completed his Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2010-2014)
from Department of Plant sciences, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. He edited
three books for the benefits of undergraduate and postgraduate students of agriculture and life
sciences. He published about 30 scientific articles in international journals. He participated in
30 national and international conferences and workshops. He also published about 52 popular
articles in Tamil and English in monthly science magazines. He obtained six awards from
conference participation and his outstanding contributions in Agricultural research.

Importantce of Crop Physiology In Agriculture and Plant Cell Organelles

Crop physiology is concerned with the processes and functions of the crops at cellular,
sub-cellular and whole plant levels in response to environmental variables and growth.
However, In short, “plant physiology is the study of functional aspects of crop plants”.
Processes mean natural containing sequence of events. Photosynthesis, Respiration, Ion
absorption, Translocation, Transpiration, Stomatal opening and closing, Assimilation,
Flowering, Seed formation and Seed germination are examples of processes that occur in
living plants. Function means natural activity of a cell or tissue, or organ or chemical
substances. It describes and explains the function of an organ, tissue, cell and cell
organelle in plants. Both processes and functions are dependent on the external factors
and are modified by the external factors such as water, salt, light, temperature and
pollutions. It describes and explains how processes and functions respond to change in
the environment. The overall goal of plant physiology is to understand the natural of plant
growth, development and productivity.

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