Flavours (Translation of Gujarati Stories)

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by Harish Mahuvakar

ISBN Number : 978 – 93 – 88672 – 07 – 8

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Harish Mahuvakar

He is an Associate Professor in English and Head, Department of English, Sir P P Institute of
Science, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar. He has been teaching
English since 1993. He is well known writer in Gujarati Literature. He writes and translates in both
the languages. His writing has been published into reputed English and Gujarati magazines. He has
won some prizes for short stories, poems, and essays. Presently his column ‘Laghukatha’ appears on
every Sunday Supplement of Gujarat Mitra daily, Surat. He is the editor of storiettes in the reputed
quarterly ‘Samnu’ while ‘Bindusagar’ was his monthly column, and ‘Gujarati Knock: English Door’
is his bimonthly column. Some of his works are also available on internet. To his credit he has
plenty of writing that includes poems, essays, short stories, critical articles, and research articles.
His published books are: 1. Prati 2. Impression I (Ed.) 3. Varta Aam Chhe…(Ed) 4. Selected Poems
(Ed.) 5. Ame 6. Fareethee (2016) 7. Marag Vartano (2016), 8. One English (2016), 9. Do English
(2017) 10. Try English, and 11. Le Tu Pan Jone…! (2018).

Some time back I had been to King of Prussia mall for some shopping and there
from the right direction came a terrible loud voice, ‘O Bhaniben, hey Bhaniben.’
No sooner I turned my head to see who’s that calling me in golden Gujarati tongue
than came before me a girl draped in blue jeans with a silky purple shirt over it.
She rushed to me and touched my feet in reverence. She really bent down and
touched my sneakers. She sat down on knees and touched her head to my feet.
Then she got up and smiled. She looked into my eyes, gave a broad smile now and
searched me whether I identified her or not. ‘Saw you from far away and
immediately I knew that it’s you Bhaniben. Save Bhaniben who else can here be?
My heart leapt up. After how many years did we see each other?’