Awareness About High Risk Pregnancy

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by Dr (Major) Anjali Rani,Dr Heena Mir,Ravi Bhushan : ISBN Number : 978-81-938141-2-3

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Dr (Major) Anjali Rani

Dr (Major) Anjali Rani
( MD, DNB, DHA, MBA) Associate Professor Institute of Medical Science
(IMS) Banras Hindu University (BHU) Varanasi

Dr Heena Mir

Dr Heena Mir
(MD) Senior Resident Institute of Medical Science (IMS) Banras Hindu University
(BHU) Varanasi

Ravi Bhushan

Ravi Bhushan
Junior Research Fellow Centre for Genetic Disorders, BHU, Varanasi B.Sc.
[Hons.] in Zoology, M.Sc. in Molecular and Human Genetics

To become mother is the dream of every women , but sometime this
dream becomes nightmare due to the presence of complications during
pregnancy. To have a healthy mother and baby one should be aware of these high risk factors and how to identify them and where to go for treatment in time.
Motherplays an important role in our life but so many mothers die during
pregnancy due to lack of knowledge of the high risk factors.

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