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by Dr. Luna Moni Das

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Dr. Luna Moni Das

Dr. Luna Moni Das, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of
Geography, Vasanta College for Women, affiliated to the
privilege of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. She was
awarded a Ph.D. from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.
She has completed her Master’s Degree from the Centre for the
Studies of Regional Development, School of Social Science,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, in the year 2011. She
Secured first class first position in B.Sc. Geography, with distinction marks in pass course, in
Gauhati University for the year 2009. She was awarded NET and JRF in Earth, Atmospheric,
Ocean and Planetary Sciences by the CSIR. She is expertise in Physical Geography,
Geomorphology and Environment Geography. She has to her credit the experience of
teaching both Under Graduate and Post Graduate level. She has guided many M.A.
dissertations during her teaching carrier. She has contributed to a number of research papers
in reputed international and national journals.

Flood is a periodic fluvial geomorphic phenomenon which represents a condition
of over bank flow in a river. This can be due to high runoff normally associated
with incessant rainfall and occasionally with the large quantity of snow melt at
the source of the river. Defining flood is difficult, yet many scholars tried their
best to give definitions of flood. The pioneer contribution in defining flood was
made by Chow in 1956. He defined floods as a condition of overflow, a relatively
high flow which overtakes the natural channel provided for the runoff. Prior to
this, Leopold and Maddock (1954) had defined flood as any relatively high
stream flow that overtops the natural or artificial bank in any reach of a stream.
Later, Ward (1978) defined it as a body of water which rises to overflow land
which is not normally submerged. Christopherson (1997) defined flood as a highwater
level that overflows the natural levees along any portion of stream. According
to Knighton (1998), flood is that discharge at which the channel is completely