A collection of special higher degree diophantine equations (problems and solutions)

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by Dr.M.A.Gopalan,Dr.A.Vijayasankar,V.Krithika : ISBN Number : 978-81-937870-9-0

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Dr. A.Vijayasankar
Dr. A.Vijayasankar is currently Assistant Professor of
Mathematics at National College, Tiruchirappalli. He has taught
Mathematics for nearly two decades. His research interest is
solving Diophantine equations.

Dr. M.A. Gopalan
Dr. M.A. Gopalan is currently Professor of Mathematics at
Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, Tiruchirappalli and has taught
Mathematics for nearly three decades. He is interested in problem
solving in the area of Diophantine equations and Number patterns.
He serves on the editorial boards of IJPMS and IJAR and a life
member of Kerala Mathematics Association.

V.Krithika is research scholar in department of Mathematics at
National College, Tiruchirappalli. Her area of interest is solving
Diophantine equations in various disciplines. She has published
19 papers in National and International journals.

A Collection of Special Higher Degree Diophantine Equations (Problems and Solutions)

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