Paint and Surface CoatingsFundamentals

Paint And Surface Coatings: Fundamentals, Testing And Processing Techniques

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Dr. K. SHREE MEENAKSHI was born in the Madurai District of Tamil
Nadu. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry with First Class from
Madras University, Tamil Nadu. She obtained her Master’s degree in Applied
Chemistry with First Class and Master of Philosophy in Chemistry with First
Class-Distinction from Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She has also
received her doctorate from Anna University, Chennai by doing extensive
research in the field of polymer nanocomposites and studying their suitability
for high performance aerospace and advanced engineering applications.

Chemistry is responsible for the real “world of color” through the creation of paints, dyes,
and pigments to preserve, protect, and prettify everything from museum art to aircraft
carriers. Paint is a thick liquid substance used to decorate and protect concrete, wooden,
cloth, metallic surfaces and everything you can imagine. The colors make these objects
look beautiful while its basic ingredients protect them from corrosion, rust and decay. As
we look around the world we see many beautiful colors around us. Some colors are
natural some are man-made. It is used to produce a beautiful work of art, in industrial
coating or road surface marks to help driving or it can be used as a preventing measure for
preventing corrosion or water damage.

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