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A complete Manual on Anticancer potienal of Indian weed Sphaeranthus indicus

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by Dr. Thamilmaraiselvi Balagangatharan

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Dr. Thamilmaraiselvi Balagangatharan

Professor and Head Dr.B.Thamilmariselvi has 22 years of
teaching experience. in department of Microbiology Her area of
specialization includes Biochemistry,Phytomedicine and
Pharmacognosy. Her current research focuses on the
Phytomedicine and pharmacology of medicinal plants for value
addition.Her research interest reflects in wide range of
publication in various National and International journals. She
has published research papers in peer reviewed journals listed in
Scopus and web of science. She has published a book entitled “Scientific Basis of Herbal
Medicines” she has also received funds for her project both from State and Central

Herbal medicines are in great demand in the developed as well as developing
countries for primary healthcare because of their wide biological and medicinal
activities, higher safety margins and lesser costs. Sphaeranthus indicus Linn
belongs to the family Asteraceae, an annual spreading, aromatic herb, strongly
scented, 30 – 60 cm tall, found abundantly all over India, ascending to an altitude
of 1500m, especially as a weed that grows plentifully in rice fields. Leaves ovate
– oblong narrowed at the base, dentate and serrate. Flowers composed heads,
globose, violet inflorescence. Stems are glandular hairy with toothed wings. The
entire plant of S. indicus is reportedly used in the Indian system of traditional
medicine as a remedy for various ailments, being used as a tonic, laxative,
digestive, in the treatment of tuberculosis, diseases of the spleen, asthma,
bronchitis, elephantiasis, pain of the uterus and vagina, anemia, leucoderma,
epilepsy and hepatitis. The Sanskrit word mundi literally means that which cuts
off or wards off. In ancient scriptures it is mentioned to be one of the best herbs,
used as medhya rasayana – intellect promoting herb. No detailed study has been
conducted on the anticancer activity of S. indicus. Therefore, the present study
was carried out to explore the anticancer efficacy of S.indicus.