Digital media has taken the world by storm. The labyrinth network of the World Wide Web has effortlessly engulfed us into its spell. In today’s digital world, there is an app or a tool for every act right from booking a cab to ordering food.

Productivity Tools

The key to any success story is being organised and productive. Keeping this mind, we have a list of productivity and distraction free tools that will help authors stay focused.

Productivity Tools

The key to any success story is being organised and productive. Keeping this mind, we have a list of productivity and distraction free tools that will help authors stay focused.


If you are looking to set goals and make sure you achieve them, BlankPage should be your go-to tool. BlankPage is a distraction free writing app, which gives you detailed statistics about when and how you write, reminders about your writing and also shows you interesting and inspirational content. The tool is available at $8 a month, and it works on all devices.

Calmly Writer

As the name suggests, this magical tool ensures you write with a calm mind by removing all distractions. Calmly writer also has a function called “focus mode” that only highlights the parts you are editing.  Everything you write is also automatically backed up, so you never have to worry about losing your work.


All of us have the habit of taking down notes. Bits of information, things to do or gentle reminders are the most common reasons for which we take notes. Evernote is one useful tool for writers. It is an online note-taking application. It is similar to the Google keep the app or an MS-One note. It records your thoughts, notes and photos for future reference. It has now introduced a new feature called Work chat which enables you to message instantly to the people with whom you have shared a particular document. It works really well if you are collaborating with someone on your document.


Our phones and the internet is the greatest invention by the humanity. However, they can also distract us from that important task that we have set for ourselves. So how do we solve this problem? That is where the Freedom tool comes in. With Freedom, you can block apps and websites on the device you are working on and focus on being more productive. The tool is easy to use; just select your device and set a schedule and voila, it’s done.  According to Freedom, its users gain an average of 2.5 hours of productive time each day. You can start a free trial and then cover all your devices for less than $2.50 a month.


Being organised is the only way to ensure that any project meets its deadline and writing a book is no different. Trello is not a tool built just for writers, but the tool’s easy-to-use interface makes it an excellent option for writers as well. You can create boards, lists and cards with Trello, which will help you organise and prioritise your work. The best part about this tool is that it is free.


Writing tools

Writing a novel is a dream for almost all writers, and this dream requires more than just an idea.


Novelize is a mobile-optimized writing tool that offers you the freedom to write anywhere with an Internet connection. It works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers and has an array of helpful features for all budding authors. You can choose to write your manuscript in the outline mode or write mode and keep track of valuable information in the notebook panel. Additionally, you can also track your progress in the progress tracker and organise your novel with a convenient autosave option.


Scrivener is a quintessential writing studio, which helps in organising and structuring long-form content. It also offers formatting and proofreading options. Other than novels, if you regularly write blogs, podcasts, scripts or speeches, this can be the right word processor for you. Just like the full-screen mode of viewing in your system, where there is little scope to get distracted, this tool offers a distraction-free mode while typing. This aspect is really important for a writer. Scrivener is priced at $40 per year.


Writer is a quick and distraction-free writing app used by renowned authors worldwide. It has a plethora of extraordinary features which assists you at every mode of writing. This full-screen writing dashboard provides a user-friendly environment with autosave and privacy options. It also offers writing goals, markdown formatting, revision history, a built-in thesaurus and an automated archive of all your work.


Ywriter helps you sequentially arrange your novel or screenplay based on chapters and scenes and then write as per the relevant scene which comes under the corresponding chapter. So in future, you might not have to rename the saved text and recheck the entire database to see where the actual scene fits in. It saves your time and makes your work organised and structured. It is more like compartmentalising your living room into spaces like space for your TV and other space for the furniture.


Copyscape is one of the oldest, popular, original, and the most used plagiarism checker available. With its premium version, you can check the content for duplication and see if your work is original. It accurately compares the text you’ve keyed in with billions of other documents and web pages on the Internet and gives you a detailed analysis of the plagiarised text.


If procrastination is your biggest enemy, then FlowState is the best solution. This innovative tool is a mind-blowing word processor with a unique feature of deleting your data if you are idle for a particular span of time. This distinctive factor pushes you to work faster and reduces your rate of getting distracted by a large extent.


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